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    Hi all,
    I'm using a Lumia 920 update to Portico. I've noticed that in the photo hub when I try to look the pictures under "date" nothing shows, and as a result even the live tile always shows the same default pictures that come with the phone (pictures I've deleted by the way, so only the preview remains). Anyone has an idea how to fix this? Thanks

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    I'm having the same issue on my Lumia 920. I recently had my phone replaced (different issue) and noticed that my few, new pictures were showing up by Date as they ought to be. However, as soon as loaded up my old pictures (copied in via Windows Explorer), nothing showed up under the Data photo hub any longer. I removed ALL photos from the phone, took a new picture, and still nothing shows up under the Date photo hub. It appears that once it "breaks" it's always broken until you Hard Reset the phone.....or until Microsoft releases a patch.

    Any other fixes you've found?
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    Created a discussion of this topic on the Nokia Support forum. Hope it helps...

    Re: No photos showing up under the Date pivot in t... - Nokia Support Discussions
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    Well just wanted 2 let you now that i have the same problem here in Belgium. So not just a local problem I think.
    Hope microsoft works on a fix. because i dont wanna reset the Phone to factory settings. And lose all the work i have put into it. Even doh it might save apps and so.

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