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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to get a new smartphone over the next couple of weeks, and I've really been rather taken by Windows Phone 8 as an operating system. Removable battery and expandable storage are important to me, and the nice big screen of the Samsung ATIV S has drawn me towards that device. However, the only place I can get it on a contract is some website with terrible reviews, which isn't something I'm overly willing to gamble on - I want reliable service. My current plan is to get it SIM-Free (around 430) and then a SIM-only contract. Current one I've found is 300mins, unltd texts and 500MB data. It's only the data I'm really worried about, as I've heard stories of Windows Phone 8 using up a lot more data than comparable use on an Android phone. I'd be a light/medium internet user - relatively frequent email checking, facebook and twitter as well, and a few times daily of web browsing (generally for the news). Wifi when at home, probably need to use 3G at school, and I really want to know other people's experiences with data usage, especially when relating to live tile updates. Can anyone help?

    THanks very much!

    (in UK by the way)

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