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    I tried asking this on a stack-exchange site, bit it looks like this forum is much more lively. Basically, the satellite images on my new WP8 HTC 8X are very poor. See the screenshots here:

    Why are the aerial view maps so poor on my new Windows Phone 8 - Windows Phone Beta - Stack Exchange

    Is this a known / common issues?

    Colin E.
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    Same here on my Nokia Lumia 620. But maps are clear on my wife's Nokia Lumia 710 running Windows phone 7.5.

    Apparently they switched to different maps on Windows phone 8, still should not be blurry, pretty shocking really and not a good advertisement
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    You know wp8 supports screenshots. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by nokiageek View Post
    Same here on my Nokia Lumia 620.
    wow - that sucks! the satellite images aren't just a little bit bad - they are terrible!

    gMaps for me then ;-)

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