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View Poll Results: Which WP8 device do you own that experiences animation lag?

19. You may not vote on this poll
  • NOKIA Lumia 920

    11 57.89%
  • HTC 8X

    1 5.26%
  • Samsung ATIV S

    0 0%
  • Other

    7 36.84%
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  1. matthew_b06's Avatar

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    Do you notice lag on your phone when animations occur? For example, sometimes on my Lumia 920 I'll notice the animation of opening an app from a live tile stutters halfway through the transition. Also, I notice in the messaging app it lags when launching the keyboard every now and then. It's odd- I've used Windows Phone 7 and 7.5, and the OS seemed more fluid than my WP8 device which has more powerful specs.

    So, if your device suffers from animation lag, please participate in the poll and let us all know which device you're using that has this issue. I'm wondering if it's Lumia 920 specific.
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  2. jcjackjay's Avatar

    10 Posts
    On my 8X, whenever I'm continuously touching the screen and scrolling, I notice some lag. Not a deal breaker, but it's slightly noticeable. I've also had several stutters on my 8X in some transitions like you stated above. I dunno. I hope Microsoft looks into this, if this is a widely spread issue.
  3. ammarmalik2011's Avatar

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    The transition animation when launching something by pressing the tile is occasionally stuttery on my Lumia 920
  4. berty6294's Avatar

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    No lag here! 8x
  5. devize's Avatar

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    I do get occasional stutters on my L920. Doesn't concern me too much.

    Also, that poll will heavily favour the Lumia 920 due to the fact so many more people own it compared to the rest.
  6. crav4speed's Avatar

    409 Posts
    I get a weird lag when flipping up the lock screen. The start screen has a blank space at the bottom where the application bar is for like a second or 2 then comes back to normal. But no lag really when it comes to opening apps from live tiles. I do get scrolling stutter on some poorly written apps but nothing to be concerned about.
  7. slx2's Avatar

    3 Posts
    I have exactly the same problem with a Lumia 925. It happened on two different brand new 925's.

    I also had a 7.5 / 7/8 device and it hardly ever happened.

    It does bother me, as it happens a good deal of the time.
  8. Moiz Mian's Avatar

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    I think you should change to poll to Do you notice animation lag on your phone? yes/no. The poll you set up is just mimicking the owner percentage of the phones that you listed.
  9. r_garciab's Avatar

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    I'm sorry to be late, but I just got my Lumia 1020 (had a Lumia 900 before) and I'm noticing some animation lag when I touch the tiles on the start screen. This doesn't happen all the time, but it usually does when the phone has been "sleeping", meaning that it hasn't been active for a while. It looks like when you start a program in you PC and it loads slower the first time. Is this a bug in WP8 or is it my Lumia? I never had this issue in WP7.5-7.8, and my Lumia 1020 does run faster than my old Lumia 900 in the rest of areas.

    I just want to make sure everything is ok with my phone, and wait for MS to fix it in WP8.1.


    P.S. Btw, WP Central is great!

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