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  1. Zokudu's Avatar

    62 Posts
    This is purely hypothetical. I love my 920 but if it were to break I've been thinking of all the awesome mid level devices Nokia is putting out. Which would you get given the choice and why?
  2. cameradork's Avatar

    562 Posts
    After I'm done crying, I'd probably get another 920. I have never bought an unsubsidized phone, though.
  3. krystea's Avatar

    162 Posts
    I'd buy another one. Or I'd buy a really cheap phone (like this), and buy another 920 when I could afford it again.
  4. JungleFiene's Avatar

    32 Posts
    First I'd buy some throat lozenges after screaming for a half an hour, then I'd march back to AT&T and get another 920. The real question is, which color?
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    Without a doubt... another 920.
  6. contributorM's Avatar

    41 Posts
    Note 2
  7. Apoc's Avatar

    336 Posts
  8. MacDaMachine's Avatar

    287 Posts
    Probably the 620. Cheap, but fluid and works.
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    Send it in for repair and just see what the quote is.
  10. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
    Retired Moderator

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    4,703 Global Posts
    Quote Originally Posted by realwarder View Post
    Send it in for repair and just see what the quote is.
    So what do you get if your 920 gets vaporised and you can't claim for it?
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  11. Curtieson's Avatar

    1,366 Posts
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    1,375 Global Posts
    I've kept my Samsung Focus and would go back to that until I mustered up the cash for a new top tier. My wife and I have always agreed...we keep one old phone around, and if we break our new fancy phone, you don't get to go drop $500 for another new fancy phone.
  12. jdhooghe's Avatar

    529 Posts
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    2,677 Global Posts
    Interesting question. Don't know what I would do. I'm enamored currently with my nexus 7 but the nexus 4 has a worse camera than the 920 but I probably wouldn't have to take 10 photos to get a decent one like my 920. And a worse battery but I LOVE swype and having my favorite apps with me wherever I go. The 920 is the only phone that I know of that has Dolby audio so if another phone did interest me, I'd have to check its sound quality. None of that overly bassy Beats audio for me. I'd choose another 920 and just keep my nexus 7 for all the rest if I knew Microsoft would get it's act together but right now, it's a toss up. I might go z10 if I saw BB updated and included the functionality I need for work.
  13. Joe920's Avatar

    1,461 Posts
    I'd probably go back to my cracked iPhone 4, or get a Nexus 4 unlocked to tide me over until a lighter Lumia flagship appears.
  14. adamjolin's Avatar

    25 Posts
    To answer the question I would buy another 920, but I have a titan 2 i would use until i had the extra cash flow.
  15. GraemeT's Avatar

    199 Posts
    The 820, which is the one you should've bought in the first place (in my opinion, if you're not worried about the camera, but would like expandable memory, and replaceable battery, and ergonomic round corners as opposed to square). Just my opinion. The 920's awesome, I just happen to have an 820, so I would be a bit biased, wouldn't I?
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  16. lamazion's Avatar

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    36 Global Posts
    I would go back to my "old" iPhone 5, since it wouldn't cost anything. But I would miss my 920!
  17. KingKoopa28's Avatar

    16 Posts
    I would and still have my Nokia N900 running Maemo 5 and Andriod Gingerbread dual boot. One would say why would u run andriod on N900 it has no calling function and your right. But I use it at 1100Mhz overclocked and use it purely for apps I really need that Maemo cannot give me. Its a godsend really. So if I was to break my Lumia I'd use N900 still my best device I have ever used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paladinleeds View Post
    So what do you get if your 920 gets vaporised and you can't claim for it?

    I'd likely use my old iPhone 3G until October when the new ranges of WP come out. If Nokia are doing an aluminum model that would be neat. Or get a cheap 620 to tide me over.
  19. erekshun's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystea View Post
    I'd buy another one. Or I'd buy a really cheap phone (like this), and buy another 920 when I could afford it again.
    This doesn't look like a windows
  20. Daylife's Avatar

    223 Posts
    March back to AT&T and tell them to take my money. Cyan 920 Please!!! Lol
    Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 using Board Express
  21. alpinestars1z's Avatar

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    Another 920, or maybe a 620, and wait for the next generation high-end Lumia, whatever that is. EOS?
  22. Adenohedron's Avatar

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    I'd buy another 920.....if i'm going unsubsidized I'd import one of those sexy gray lumias :D
  23. rdubmu's Avatar

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    I would just use my titan 2 until I get another upgrade this fall. If I had no choice it would be an iPhone because of the apps I have to use at work. I love my lumia thou
    Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
  24. TechAbstract's Avatar

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    I just got another Lumia 920. I have no interest in other phones in the market right now.
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  25. Rioghalmo's Avatar

    21 Posts
    Nexus 4
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