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  1. Jnbs's Avatar

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    I truly think that Jay after all of the efforts made,in this app deserves to be AT LEAST in the semifinals.. Go,vote to the window phone Facebook page.. Cant post link since I am in the app right now.. Please someone post it so other readers will have direct access
  2. Kevin N Smith's Avatar

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    You can switch to ie, copy and paste link, and then go back to wpcentral app and post the link..
  3. Midnight City's Avatar

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    ProShot deserves to win to be honest... and as Raul said:

    "I love WP central..a lot! But I rather pro shot win because whoever wins gets featured in a commercial and I would much rather see an awesome app built for WP on the commercial than just a windows phone news app that anyone can access through the internet unlike proshot"
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  4. Rising Mos's Avatar

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    It is unfortunate that WPCentral had to go against ProShot, but as an app that makes use of the device capabilities, I think ProShot should win. WPCentral is beautiful and functional but it is not a function that everybody would want.
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  5. aaa6112's Avatar

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    Two of my favorite apps losing right now - WPCentral and Amazing Weather HD. Somebody, go show them some love at https://www.facebook.com/windowsphon...89569661171794
  6. Madeye234's Avatar

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    I think Proshot deserves it, and Amazing Weather HD is just very elegant, but nothing groundbreaking and unique
  7. abel920's Avatar

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    King ProShot better win this.

    This is a future multi-million dollar app we're talking about. I hope he still remembers us when he gets there.
  8. th0mas96's Avatar

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    they all deserve it, and with the semi finals they achieved very much.. anyways, I love ProShot for its features and results even if the UI isn't perfect, that's why I'm also in favor of it. Amazing Weather and WPCentral are both really awesome apps, but ProShot really shows off the capabilities of the cameras and Windows Phone (amazing Weather does, too. With the lock screen). but still, I'm for Proshot. Also, the dev is really awesome, re takes his time to respond to suggestions, implements them or gives detailed explanations why something is currently impossible. Hope you win!
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  9. Narse77's Avatar

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    I hated to do it but I voted ProShot. I love that app and it is one of the best camera apps I have used on any platform.
  10. troylytle's Avatar

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    I win. I made my wife vote for one and I voted for the other.
  11. Huime's Avatar

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    why? web wpcentral is more than enough but proshot is not replaceable.
  12. link68759's Avatar

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    ConnectMe should definitely win against amazing weather. Amazing weather is an awesome weather app, but connectme just offers so much more raw power and has a lot of uses.
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  13. sueha's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by link68759 View Post
    ConnectMe should definitely win against amazing weather. Amazing weather is an awesome weather app, but connectme just offers so much more raw power and has a lot of uses.
    Sent from my RM-824_nam_att_101 using Board Express
    But it looks like Amazing Weather HD is winning... I only own Amazing Weather but still voted for connectme since it seems to be such a useful, irreplaceable and unique app. I just think that there are not enough customers of connectme since it's kinda expensive and too specific.
  14. Mr.Nuron's Avatar

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    lol sueha ,your avatar is really something
  15. HNNNNNGHHH's Avatar

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    Voted for proshot, as it enhances the capabilities of your WP8 device's camera.

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