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  1. Vb2012's Avatar

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    Can anyone give me a list of all new browser's for wp8 I know of uc but thts it

    And are there any browser's for Wp8 with a html 5 score of 400

    Please reply
  2. Ascriab's Avatar

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    The only browser other than UC that is frequently updated that I am aware of is SurfCube 3D Browser | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    And I haven't found any HTML scores for WP8 browsers.
  3. Jonas Jonsson's Avatar

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    Like the previous poster said, the only WP8 optimized browsers you're gonna find are IE10, UC Browser and Surfcube 3D

    They all hover around a score of 320 + a couple of bonus points, since they are based on IE10 (not sure about UC).
  4. Vb2012's Avatar

    295 Posts
    I know uc is webkit

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