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    I just restored my phone to factory defaults, and per MS's instructions, I expected to be asked to restore the phone during the setup, but I never saw that option.

    So I've got a freshly restored phone, and I'm afraid that a blank backup just copied over my real backup. I am now resetting a second time, which is probably even dumber. Is there any way to get my restore back. do they ever ask for a restore "point" in time?

    Also, is the Nokia backup different than the Microsoft backup? And do apps I paid for remember that I paid for them, or do I have to pay again?

    And I'm getting the message "Sorry, we ran into a problem with Email Restore and were not able to complete that part of the setup." I Googled that and apparently I'm the first person on the planet to get that error.
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    Sorry, not sure if I'm much help with your back up. But I can answer your last question. The apps you purchased are linked to your Microsoft live account. So you at least didn't lose that.
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    Cool, thanks!

    I'm also concerned about my data usage. I don't want to download too much now since I'm not on wifi.
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    When you factory reset your phone, did you have your SIM card plugged in? If yes, do you have a data plan on it?
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    I think Yes to both those questions. I've never messed with my SIM card but I'm pretty sure it has one.
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    My mistake, I was using the wrong Live account. It's restoring now, downloading data, under the correct account.

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