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    I have the red 920 but I also still have my cyan 900 7.8 before I upgraded. I was really missing the Nokia blue accent color which I do not have on the 920 but I do on the 900... So I turned on my 900 to reminisce and look at the blue and I saw that my 900 has a few more accent colors than my 920.

    Anyone know what's up with that? Thx for any input!
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    My girlfriend has a Lumia 800 on 7.8 and I've got a 920. As far as I can tell both phones have access to the same 20 accent colours?

    EDIT: You guys are right I miscounted - just the one more.
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    My Lumia 900 has 7.8. I have 21 colours. I believe 'Nokia Blue' is the extra colour.
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    my lumia 900 has 1 more colour extra than my 820, the extra being nokia blue
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    You guys are right, the screen resolutions made them look like more on the 900. I only have one more on the 900 which is also Nokia blue and is the one color I want. Wonder why the 900's got it but the 920's didn't.

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