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    My local Best Buy has removed all kiosks and demos of WP devices at my local store. They replaced the Windows kiosk with a Blackberry booth. The only WP device that I found was a dummy model of an HTC 8X. Anybody else notice this trend?
  2. inteller's Avatar

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    money talks but I wouldn't expect this to last long as BB will soon be out of it.
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    Sounds like the thread title should have been "Wither WP8 at Best Buy"
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    My local Best Buy is increasingly upsetting me by slowly making the CD/BD selection smaller and smaller... They don't even get new stuff sometimes 😩
    My Apps: PIP (WP8 - Compass / Flashlight), Meme 8 Ball (WP8), UnClocked (WP8.1 - Themed Live Tile Clock)
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    Bestbuy is currently dying, they will do anything and everything they can to survive, even sacrificing babies. Whoever pays more will get displayed
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    Best Buy has put in a cool Samsung phone and tablet kiosk (for their Android products). I guess if Microsoft/Nokia wanted to do a similar set up and forked over the $$$$, they could have one too.
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    tmobile too. yesterday, sales reps kind of scoffed when I asked how wp was selling, if people were finally getting interested, etc

    "we have the iPhone now, its so easy to sell, and doesn't come back until its shattered."
    awwwww how sweeeeeet. thanks !

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