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    Hey Guys. I'm new to the WP8 community and just learned about apps that are integrated with Windows Phone voice commands. I thought it would be helpful for myself and others if we created a list of all the apps that have this type of integration. As you list them I will update this 1st post to include them. Here is what I have so far.

    1. FourSquare
    2. Two Tap Reminders
    3. Hey DJ!
    4. Flixster
    5. Groupon
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    FYI, to find what apps you have with Voice built in, hold the Windows button to bring up the voice activation...tap the "?" in the top right corner, then swipe left to bring up the "Apps" tab.

    I have:

    1) Baseball NOW (so I'd assume Football NOW does too).
    2) Chase Mobile
    3) Metro Talk
    4) Tivo Command
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    I can't understand why Microsoft or somebody somewhere doesn't have a way to search specifically for voice enabled apps. They really touted it as a feature yet it isn't easy to find apps that have enabled it. These types of message threads help for sure.

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