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    Hey guys,

    As I am currently relocating so I can get me some some good work, I need to be able to email PDF's of my resume on the go. I have MS' & PompolutZ's PDF Readers I looked in the store for an app that would work. PDFsend, last updated in February, is there for $0.99, so I read the reviews. I stumbled across a great, simple workaround for this issue.

    An app reviewer mentioned it in his review, saying to check out Windows Phone blog. I found it here:


    "MandyShaw" knows her stuff. It works very well if the PDF is already in the interwebs or even just your email. But what if you just made that PDF at home and/or edit docs consistently? USB Transfer won't work like that. But, where there's a will, there's a way. Right!?!?!

    So my next issue was getting said PDF there easily without having to constantly change my Unlimited T-Mobile data plan to enable/disable tethering and the fees & metering that come with it. I use 40gb/mo on my 8X, and with great WP apps I have no real need for home internet on my desktop PC..

    I do, however, have a wireless network set up using an old, old DSL modem. Here's my spin on this. I use the HFS HTTP Server (on PC) as used with the PC File Download app, then use UCBrowser or GeThemAll's browser (both allow direct downloading of darn near whatever via URL, IP, clickable link and direct uploading to Skydrive without touching another app) to connect to HFS (enter the IP and port, you know) to find and tap on & download the file like you would in the PC Explorer. Then, upload to Skydrive. Open Office, its Skydrive, then said PDF, and boom, boom, its then there local on your phone to simply "long press" and share by email, Tap+Send, or Bluetooth.

    The browser solutions for files, I've been using for many, many months now, but I just discovered the PDF thing last night. The blog posts are less than 2 weeks old. I doubt many folks know about this. I haven't seen anything here on WPCentral & I'm in the app at least a dozen times a day. I like to think this is news that would not go unnoticed.

    Guys, this info needs to get spread like wildfire. I know I've been irked more than a few times by lost productivity because we couldn't do this. I know people left WP for this. Well no WP user should suffer a single moment longer!!

    Good looking out guys,

    Juan Rivera
    AKA juanitoriv

    PS. GeThemAll and its companion pc app GeThemAll Receiver is a great way to get downloadable content, drivers, media, zips, etc. first to your phone, then to your PC if your situation is akin to mine. I usually just copy the links in IE then paste to address bar in GTA's browser.


    PC File Download & HFS, are just as great, but going in the opposite direction. I love it for streaming the music and flix I just got when I home. No buffering.. ;)
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    This sounds like a great workaround.

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