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    Hey guys... my phone lumia 620 is showing me the present firmware running on my phone is 1308.0001 and when i checked for update it said my phone is up to date....
    But when i connected it to nokia care suite... it told me that there is a software update available for my phone I.E 1308.0002
    So what should i do.... is this any major update so that i may consider updating my phone thru other means or is this minor update and i should wait it for over the air update??
    Thnx.. :) :)
  2. csd_images's Avatar

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    This is a a minor update so I'd wait for the carrier to action it. 1308 is the major version branch and after the decimal is the sub-branch.

    Also unless you have a major problem with your phone and you know this will fix it then I usually wait for the updates come down the pipe. Especially if you have a carrier ROM.
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  3. Saurabh Vatsa's Avatar

    39 Posts
    ohk.. m not facing any major issues with phone in this FW.... so will wait for OTA updates.. :)

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