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  • 1 Post By z33dev33l
  1. SoftVision's Avatar

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    Hello! I wanted to make the switch to Windows Phone and after doing a lot of research based on my needs, I settled between the 720 and the 920. I currently own a Galaxy Nexus (GSM) which I plan to sell and I figured I would get a phone in the $300 price range. The 720 fit the bill there and I even wanted better battery life. However, I keep reading mixed reviews about the performance on the 720 because of the RAM. I am currently in the US and am saving to travel to Europe pretty soon. I was hoping to be able to have offline navigation outside the US through Drive Plus, but that isn't on the 720. I just got my 720 package via eBay and haven't opened it yet. I used my friends Lumia 920 for a bit and I'm concerned I might be missing out. I'm not sure I want to return the 720, and pay more money to get the 920. Also, I haven't used microSD cards in years and I was wondering how a class 10 card would fare on the 720. Any significant performance drop as opposed to using the inbuilt memory of the 920?

    Sorry I've just rambled above so I'll sum up my concerns about the 720 vs 920:
    1. Performance and app availability with 512 MB RAM
    2. Nokia Drive Plus availability
    3. Performance of microSD card vs internal storage

    I'm really eager to decide this soon, I hope you'll help me out!
  2. z33dev33l's Avatar

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    How much do you game on your phone and how important is a camera?
  3. SoftVision's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by z33dev33l View Post
    How much do you game on your phone and how important is a camera?
    I don't really game at all other than the odd chess game. The camera is not a deal breaker. I think even the 720's camera will be an improvement over the Galaxy Nexus' camera which I'm not too happy with. When I travel, I'd like to be able to take decent photos without major white balance issues.
  4. z33dev33l's Avatar

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    The 720 should suffice nicely, save a bit more money for your trip and buy a nice SD card. I'd get a 720 myself but I download a lot of games and I couldn't do 8 gigs.
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  5. Mio_WP's Avatar

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    Both of them does decent photos.

    I would miss wireless charging, mostly because I have gotten used to it.

    Other great concern would be the lack of Here Drive Plus.

    On the other hand I would love a slimmer and lighter phone like the 720.

    If I was not so biased toward the 920 (it really is the best phone I have ever had) I would probably go for the 720. You get used to the weight of the 920, but it really is heavy.

    Sent from my Lumia 920 using Tapatalk
  6. Technoloay's Avatar

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    I'd suggest that you go with the 920 for the 'other' storage problem -_- I have a 620 and it is clocking at almost 3 GB.. On the 920 that'll take a while to fill up..

    As for the RAM performance; this will only affect the ability to download certain applications (mostly games).. but it's running buttery smooth in here :)
  7. mxtremex6's Avatar

    42 Posts
    I have a 720...the drive plus can be a deal breaker if u really need voice navig, the maps are still there for offline navig. There are NO performance related issues with the 720's ram but u may miss some games like NOVA and HALO.etc....the body is superior, even better than 920 in terms of dimensions...
  8. mxtremex6's Avatar

    42 Posts
    Btw there is no storage related problem here....all of the GBs occupied by my phone are justified :p (8gb)
  9. SoftVision's Avatar

    4 Posts
    Thank you everyone! That was reassuring. I think I'll stick with the 720 and open the box right now!
  10. z33dev33l's Avatar

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    Enjoy man, I have a 920 and I want to play with a 720 so bad.

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