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  • 1 Post By brunok
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    I never found a perfect solution to the limitations of the "share to" menu in Windows Phone. I wanted to share pages from the phone's browser to services like Evernote and OneNote in a simple and elegant manner.

    I still can't use Evernote and OneNote, but here's a simple way to send pages from Internet Explorer (or any other Windows Phone browser) to a Readability account.

    1. Log in to your Readability account.
    2. Go to "Apps & Add-nos".
    3. Go to "Bookmarklets".
    4. Copy link addresses for the buttons you want (Read Now, Read Later, Send to Kindle).
    5. Create a new bookmark, rename it and paste the address of the bookmarklet.

    You can use those bookmarks to send pages to Readability. It's a pretty simple solution and it should work with similar services like Pocket. However, I tried using Evernote's bookmarklet in IE but it didn't work.
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    I've never heard of Readability. What does it do?
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    It cleans up a webpage of an article, for example, to make it easier to read. Also, you can save them to read later.
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    This works! Thanks!
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    This also works with Pocket. Create an email contact called Pocket or whatever and include the email address: add@getpocket.com. Now when you're in IE and want to save a webpage, tap "...", share, select an email account, and then choose your Pocket contact. Voila, the page is sent to Pocket.

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