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    I recenty used the nokia swipe application on my nokia Lumia 620 and i really like the ui that nokia created how many of you think that the ui should be implemented in the next major windows phone update
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    What Nokia swipe application? I can't experience it if you don't tell me what it is ;)
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    It is an app to show you the new ui concept called nokia swipe you can download it from windows phone store
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    I recently downloaded sWipe in my Lumia 520 but how to use it its showing various supporting app and ui but wat it is all about and how can I implement that ui in my wp
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    funny but totally not usable! Too many modes, too complex and not intuitive!
    Microsoft is slow to implement stuff because they need to be 100% sure that new stuff doesn't add complexity for final user, something like this can only drive Windows Phone to death :P

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