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    I have uses android for years and switches to windows phone to get the amazing 928. I love this phone so much but lately I feel disconnected from the world. Yes I know I'm not and can (for the most part) do what everyone else can do. I miss how EASY it is to do everything on android. With winphone I have to perform magic tricks to accomplish things . Even my 70 year old parents have android phones and love them hehe. Guess I'm feeling a little discouraged knowing major features may ir may not be added in 8.1. Anyways. Love my phone but needed to rant hehe
  2. MilkyTee's Avatar

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    Any examples of what you can't do?
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  3. Dratwister's Avatar

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    Uploading to Instagram or playing games? Give an example :3

    But seriously! It's a phone that you use to contact and communicate with people... I don't know why did you feel disconnected ANW...
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    Troll harder.
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    Close this thread.
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    OP has had a chance to rant. But this is taking a wrong turn. Thread closed.
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    The thread isn't really helpful to the community. Closed
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