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    Honestly its frustrating that we have to wait for carriers to push these updates out to our phones, why cant MS just adapt the same strategy that apple has ???

    I know that apple has it easy they only support 5 different models of their phones, here is the breakdown. 2 new iphone 5 models(GSM and CDMA) and 3 o 4 older models, that's about 2 models for iphone 5, 1 models for iphone 4s and 2 models for iphone 4 (GSM and CDMA). that's 5 total. and they push the updates out themselves.

    How many phones does Nokia have out now ?? Im not going to count windows 7.5 phones as these are EOL. just WP8, Lumia 520, 620,625,720,810,820,822,920,925,928,1020. that's 11 phones to maintain.

    carriers tend to wait way too long to push these updates out, I remember back in the days when phones never received updates unless you were having an issue with the phone and you took it into a service station or to your local carrier store and they would say they were going to update your "software", this is now called a factory reset because they weren't updating any software (99% of those times).

    but im almost sure that carriers were dragging their feet then, and was a turn off for phone vendors to update their software and provide better experience for the customer.

    same as the auto industry when do you hear the dealers updating the ECU software on cars, they eventually do it when a specific case becomes public and a recall is issued.

    But what im getting to is that this type of push back or bureaucracy should be a thing of the past.....

    my nexus 4 just got the 4.3 update from google(yesterday), thank god I didn't have to wait a year or better yet NEVER for LG or Samsung to push updates.

    as you can see Im a bit frustrated with my lumia 920 right now, I have this massive battery drain(I've replaced the phone 4 times, its not a hardware issue). certain days I lose upwards of 25% an hr and other days the phone is fine, its like if the phone is in that "time of the month".

    anyways MS has to play catch up big time, I think frequent updates, maybe updating individual modules at a time (not waiting 4-5 months for a service pack) would be better instead of making people wait so long would have a better adoption rate.

    I just heard WP8 has 4%.
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    you forgot Lumia 521.
    the stupid carriers are delaying updates not Microsoft; blame the carriers.
    try restarting your phone if you have battery drain and turn OFF Location.fff
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    The carriers are doing this, they always have.
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    I'll say it one more time. MSFT f'd up the process. They should have followed the standard PC model of updates:
    Microsfoft (O/S updates) --> Device
    Manufacturer (Firmware) --> Device
    Carrier (Custom Apps) --> Store --> Device

    Not the current BS:
    Microsoft (O/S Updates) --> Manufacturer (Firmware) --> Carrier --> Device
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guzzler3 View Post
    I'll say it one more time. MSFT f'd up the process. They should have followed the standard PC model of updates:
    Microsfoft (O/S updates) --> Device
    Manufacturer (Firmware) --> Device
    Carrier (Custom Apps) --> Store --> Device

    Not the current BS:
    Microsoft (O/S Updates) --> Manufacturer (Firmware) --> Carrier --> Device
    Carriers want control. Do you think Microsoft, despite pushing their products, want to intentionally delay finished and polished updates?
    Apple got it because idk, magic? (somebody want to tell me about this?)

    And MS did not F' up the process, it's been in place for pretty much any carrier-locked Android phone too. So Samsung and HTC must have F'ed it up too.

    You would need carrier support to sell a phone normally. They are the ones who sell it at a loss/subsidize it (e.g. free or $199.99 etc, not $650 for example) and make money on the plan. And you know how americans love their low up-front prices. They have a degree of control and they exercise it to sometimes put bloatware on their phones, remove features, and test all updates before pushing it to customers.
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    Apple got it because of their market presence. At first, the only carrier willing to deal with Apple on Apple's terms was ATT. The main reason that they had the exclusive deal for so long was that the others weren't willing to play by Apple's rules.

    Later, when the iPhone owned the smartphone market, the others begrudgingly went along.

    Microsoft just doesn't have the clout to extract that sort of agreement, which is only complicated by the fact that they also have to depend on the third party manufacturers to update their hardware specific drivers, etc.
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