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    Hey folks,

    Have been reading here for a while to help me make my next phone phone decision. Thought I would jump at the 928 but decided I really liked the 925 and TMobile's Jump program. Been a great decision and have looked getting to know the phone and OS. Still amazed this phone is not getting more attention.

    Still learning a lot from reading the forums on tips and tricks to maximize the apps and OS.

    I run a national nonprofit in DC doing research, advocacy and resource work. We use HootSuite as effective way to manage/follow all of our Twitter stuff.

    What is a comparable App for HootSuite? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for being such an informative community
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    Never used Android, but Gleek is a very good twitter client
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    Thanks, I will check it out.
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    What's the main features in hootsuite? Why not use the official app? Or the people hub?
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    Build in People hub can do that for WP8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taymur View Post
    What's the main features in hootsuite? Why not use the official app? Or the people hub?
    I use Hootsuite at work. Its a nice way to manage advertising, marketing, and networking using many different social media sites. My favorite feature involves scheduling your post for what days you want them.
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    Besides the people hub, which is more for personal use, I don't believe that there is an all-in-one solution for business.

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