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    Reading about all the news about GDR2 and GDR3 left me wondering, what ever happened to the "names" our updates used to have?
    I remember back on wp7 my first update was NoDo, then came Mango, Tango, Apollo etc...it was even reported here on WPCentral that all updates end in "-o".

    I actually found this a nice little feature...but it seems we're going more the iOS kind of way with naming the updates now with numbers instead of nifty names.

    It isn't a bad thing...I was just wondering what ever happened to the names? :)
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    Wasn't GDR2 called Amber?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laura Knotek View Post
    Wasn't GDR2 called Amber?
    no. Microsoft's update is called GDR2. The Nokia specific additions are called Amber.
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    Its like this
    MS RTM -> GDR1(Portico) -> GDR2
    NK PR1.0 -> PR1.1 -> PR1.1.5 -> PR2.0(Amber) -> not sure the improved amber is PRwhat.

    maybe if MS give a name to their update, nokia wont? Haha. Just to avoid confusion i guess.
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    GDR2 sort of is a name, just an acronym. Also, WP 8.1 does have a name - WP Blue. Perhaps they are saving the "names" for major releases..?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali Babba View Post
    GDR2 sort of is a name, just an acronym. Also, WP 8.1 does have a name - WP Blue. Perhaps they are saving the "names" for major releases..?
    hmm...yeah, I was playing with that thought too...that they could be saving the names for the bigger updates. Although, as I recall, NoDo wasn't a major update though, was it?
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    Well we only miss one update. GDR1 is Portico i'm i right? despite GDR2 and GDR3 we still have Blue coming up.
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    Your smartphone is only as smart as YOU let it be!
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    Just call it "General Distribution Release 2". That's a name for you lol
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    Ted Nugent hasn't responded to MS's request to use "Wango Tango".
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    You're right. It's not a bad thing. They could name the update " . "

    Hell, I don't care. Once it does what it has to do :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali Babba View Post
    Also, WP 8.1 does have a name - WP Blue.
    Strictly speaking, that isn't true. Blue is the name of the project as used internally at Microsoft. Blue is not the name of the product/update. On the internet it has just come to mean the same thing, but it isn't what Microsoft calls it.
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