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  1. MangoGuy's Avatar

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    I am looking for a new windows phone 8 and want to go for Lumia with similar specs as the htc 8x what do you all recommend?

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    The 925 is pretty similar, but it has better camera.
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    The 925 if you like thinness and a pretty good camera. Or the 1020 with an amazing 41MP camera. It's up to you.
  4. MangoGuy's Avatar

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    Is the 920 still a good handset I see I can pick one of these up quite cheaply now
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    The 920 is a great device. I know 3 people that have one. One of the three has a device that had many of the well-documented issues (random reboots, heating/battery drain) prior to the amber update, and he loved it even then. I love my Ativ S but if I had the spare cash I would pick one up without hesitation. If you don't have to have the latest and greatest, there is no reason not to pick up a 920 at the right price.
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  6. kang li's Avatar

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    I am looking forward to the new Nokia 6 inch phablet
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    In the order of priority

    Depending on how much cash you wish to shell out.
  8. MangoGuy's Avatar

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    Gone for a 920 thanks for the advise
  9. mjrtoo's Avatar

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    Been using a 925 for a couple days, lovely phone.
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