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    What are your experiences when you are logged in to Skype on both desktop PC and also on your mobile phone?

    Two alternatives:

    1. While chatting on desktop PC, all incoming messages also arrive to the phone making it beep and light up...
    2. Messages arriving to the mobile only beep and light up screen when desktop PC Skype status is idle. If desktop Skype status is ONLINE then phone does not show the notification about received Skype message.

    The first one is unnecessary and annoying, unnecessarily draining the mobile phone battery with beeping and turning on the screen light.
    Second one is an intelligent method. Your Lumia phone giving you incoming Skype message notification only in case you are away from your desktop computer.

    How does it work for you guys?
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    You can always log out from Skype on your phone when you are online on your computer.
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    Well, that needs improvment also. Currently you sign off and it forgets your account name and password next time you want to sign in, so its very uncomfortable.

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