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    Ok so here is my issue, Its not an issue with my phone more with my network O2 as I have the same issue on Android devices. My lumia 620 or any phone even though on an H+ network it often only see's it as E, To get it to swtich to H+ often involves restarting the phone, scanning and it can be a real task. On Android there is a hidden menu where I can select WCDMA only and this fixes the problem totally. Is there anyway to select 3G only on WP8?
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    Don't think there is.
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    on my 820 I was able to select 3G rather than 4G, so yes you can.
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    I can confirm jimkraz statement. I also have L820, but it is not about which phone you have. It is always the same if you have WP8. Here is the proof:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As far as I know, it is.. I have a Samsung ATIV S Neo on Sprint (in the US) and can freely switch between 'global mode', 'LTE/CDMA' (Sprint 3G/4G LTE), 'LTE, GSM or UMTS' and lastly, 'CDMA' only (Sprint 3G). I keep CDMA (3G only) on right now since Sprint's LTE is only starting to pop up around me. If I kept CDMA/LTE on, it would drain battery faster since it'd lock onto a weak LTE signal most of the time.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Carrier branded phone has specific behavior that carrier wants. For example, AT&T phones typically don't have any possibility of selecting any specific mode. Unbranded phones have more choices.
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    Thanks for this, exactly what I was after.

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