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  1. Fresh0razoR's Avatar

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    Hello everyone,

    is there a way to tell the facebook app to give Toast Notifications once I get a new message from someone?
    I activated online chat from WP8 (which gives WP8 access to my facebook account). This way I get notifications but it seems there is no way to tell it to send a message when I tap on Enter. It always wants me to Tap on the Button. This is really annoying so I wanted to try the facebook app. However, it seems there is no way to tell it to make a Toast notification if I got a new message.

    Any ideas how to optimize this?
  2. Ural Kavraal's Avatar

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    there is no way on official facebook app. maybe you can find 3rd party facebook chat apps. you can try IM app
  3. Fresh0razoR's Avatar

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    Then I will use WP8 integrated functions. Is there a way to send a message by tapping enter? The main reason I don't like WP8 integrated facebook chat is because I always need to tap send instead of just tapping enter...
  4. Blacklac's Avatar

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    Integrated FB chat works through the SMS application.
  5. xpxp2002's Avatar

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    I get notifications from the app when I receive a new message on Facebook. They're usually delayed, though.
  6. Haigs's Avatar

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    Try IM+, it works great and you can enter to send your message.
  7. mase123987's Avatar

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    I get that you want to press the "enter" key, but is it really that big of deal to hit the "send" key instead?

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