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    Samsung ATIV S should get Qi Tech just like Nokia?

    Wireless Power Consortium - Creating the Standard for Wireless Charging - Wireless Power Consortium

    I do know that Samsung is a Qi member

    Details about company - Wireless Power Consortium

    We could see some Kool Qi tech on the ATIV S soon! :D
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    The GSIII has it if you buy the optional back plate I think that is what I read somewhere. I believe the GSIII has the built in stuff for it. I think Samsung will announce their own solution apparently, so it is very possible for it. That would be great if there were 2 phones with wireless charging.
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    I came here wondering this one as well. This MIGHT be the phone that I get on Verizon if there is no 920 but, the wireless charing thing would set it over the top for me.

    This is a feature I really want on my next phone. No more charge cables...
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    Has the wireless stuff been released on the s3? I had a look, and couldn't find it.

    I wanted to compare the wireless charger cost.

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