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    Given the size of the 920, I think I'd like to get a good Bluetooth ear piece, rather than hold this thing up to my ear.
    In the past, I never had a good, clear, loud, comfortable BT ear piece. Can anyone offer a recommendation?
  2. Brian McBride's Avatar

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    Jawbone. I like mine and they really do work.
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    Either the jawbone or Plantronics Voyager Legend, Plantronics | Voyager Legend.
  5. larrynj's Avatar

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    I'm going to try the yellow Luna if it works with Audible too.
  6. tissotti's Avatar

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    There's two version of the Nokia Luna so just remember that when you are buying one of these.
    There's the version released back in N9 days and this new one with 820/920.

    Both of them have NFC, but the newer one got wireless charging. I'm not sure if there's some connectivity differences between the two (like newer bluetooth version or similar). Possibly the wireless charging is the only difference.

    New version is BH-220W and the older one is BH-220.
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    On my Lumia 900 I used a Jabra Supreme UC. Jabra's noise cancellation technology coupled with the fact it is an extremely light headset made this a no-brainer for me. The device worked well with MS voice commands and even with my nasal tone most of what I say is picked up correctly on the first try. For some reason I had no audio or mic work on the 920 last Friday. I gave up and switched over to my Plantronics Voyager HD and it was just fine.

    Disclaimer - while I am not employed by either Jabra or Plantronics, I am a distributor of both their products. My reviews are purely based on the utility of each rather than the cost of ownership since I don't pay anything close to general consumer pricing.
  8. entropism's Avatar

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    The Plantronics Voyager pro/pro+/legend line were the best headsets I've ever used, hands down.
  9. ncxcstud's Avatar

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    I use this since I play on my XBOX 360 too...

    Amazon.com: Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth: Video Games

    Works great!
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    that's not the one with wireless charging. That is the old one.
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    I have a LG HBS700. Works great with the Lumia 920.. Stereo headset, Bluetooth and hands free calling.

    It worked so good my wife wanted one for her phone...

    Here is a link to one...

    Newegg.com - LG Behind-The-Neck Stereo Bluetooth Headset w/ Music Streaming/ Call Waiting Support (HBS-700)

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