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    I'm trying to find one of these wireless charging stand or plate in canada but like always rogers doesn't have any information. I hate that canada never get love from any phone corporation ... I want a free charger too :D Paying 700$ and still no gift!

    So if anyone find one in store or online, please let me know
  2. o4komodo's Avatar

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    many threads on this already
    MS store has only the black stand for the standard price of 69.99
  3. mv740's Avatar

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    I live in montreal, so there isn't any Microsoft store :(
  4. o4komodo's Avatar

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    I thought they had a pop up store in Montreal?

    If you want, I can pick you up a black one. My parents live in Montreal. We can meet up and do an exchange?
    Probably won't be till late December or early January as I'm in Scarborough for school [and I work part time at Mexx]

    Just did a search, no pop-up stores. That's kinda strange and disappointing.

    Expansys has the charger I think, it might be more than 69.99 though.

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