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    I was disappointed yesterday when I discovered there is really no good fantasy football apps in the market place. (None actually). I was hoping to excite a dev to perhaps put one together. (!?)
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    I was hoping for one also. I was really hoping ESPN or yahoo would fill the gap.

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    For Yahoo Fantasy Football try Fantasy Ferret. It gets the job done, not the prettiest, but it works. You can view messages, matchups, change your lineup and see points.
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    Fantasy Ferret is pretty solid. Like the above poster stated it isn't the prettiest WP7 app but at least it's functional. It absolutely blows my mind ESPN doesn't have an app for Fantasy yet. I mean they have it on Blackberry for the love of God! No Windows love?
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    for future reference, the espn fantasy football site works fine in IE9 on Mango. That said, an app that made things more Metro-y and easier to navigate would be nice.

    I wonder if they have any hooks into their system? I doubt it.
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    Check out fantasy football news. Free app, has news from fantasy football today, fantasy mastermind, yahoo, espn, sporting news, NFL.com, roto, fantasy shark, fantasy champ, ADP football calculator, podcenter, videos and more.
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    I use Fantasy Football Monster. It lets you use your ESPN and Yahoo. You can add/drop players, manage rosters and watch matchups, see game box scores for games, news, injuries, headlines, standings, etc. It's pretty comprehensive.

    There's are paid and free trial versions.

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