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    What are they? I've installed many where the tile works for awhile then stops, is inconsistent, info is not timely, etc. Glance-and-go is more like glance-and...WTF!

    If I'm going to take a battery hit, it may as well be for something reliable.

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    First question, are you updated to Mango. If so, Live Tiles are working fine.......but, occasionally Microsoft's or the developers servers will have a glitch which will delay updates for a period of time. Fox News, USA Today and Weather Channel all update regularly. Sure, occasionally a tile will be blank for an hour, but then things start working again. Sports Scores and Pro Sports Scores are two other apps that update game scores really well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pseudoware View Post
    ...If I'm going to take a battery hit, it may as well be for something reliable....
    You're right it takes some battery power, but I haven't noticed anything excessive with battery usage. I can easily go through a day with occasional usage.

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