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  1. marcojavier's Avatar

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    So I can't download ANY apps at all. Turns out the Marketplace isn't supported in my country. I made my location and system locale set to the US but it still won't download..

    and if ever I do get to download anything, they're all free apps. I need a US credit card number to buy apps. :|

    I love Windows Phone but this experience is just killing it. Right now, the phone feels like a useless brick.
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
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    What country are you in and did you buy the phone in your country or did you import it?
  3. palandri's Avatar
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    You can normally buy prepaid Visa cards on eBay.
  4. justop26's Avatar

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    Set your Windows Live Mail account to USA and use real zip codes and whatnot. Then it'll work. That's the way I've done it.
  5. marcojavier's Avatar

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    I got my phone in the Philippines, but the phone's from T-Mobile USA. It's an unlocked version since I didn't have problems sending SMS here.

    palandri and justop26, thanks for the suggestions!
  6. Tech0's Avatar

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    You can try to register a Philippinian credit card, just need to specify US postcode. :-)
    Also you can try to change your Live ID location to USA, but I doubt they have fixed it.(Few months ago it was impossible to edit your location once you set it up) I did same mistake at the beginning and I just reset the phone. (If you don't have any apps, reseting the phone, shouldn't be big of a deal)

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