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    TouchXperience - The new touch experience on Windows phones

    I tried with my Student Unlocked HTC Titan and it works ... mostly.

    It can browse my phone, and I can use it to find/delete/copy files from IsolatedStorage of several apps ...

    FOR EXAMPLE, I can finally delete files uploaded in the WebServer app ;)

    I think that's pretty cool !

    Have Fun
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    Just downloaded and installed. I have the Chevron 7 unlock on my trophy. It took a minute to recognize the Trophy but now it seems to do fine.

    Looked at the files on the phone. guess what jumped out at me, ActiveSync folder. I looked to see if it would allow me to sync Outlook. Alas, no. Great program.;)
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    Sadly, this still doesn't allow me to access the IsolatedStorage of applications purchased from the Marketplace.

    Unless I'm just doing it wrong.

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