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  1. emergenic's Avatar

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    For me it is Flipboard, it is how I get caught up on the latest tech news.

    I believe that Pulse is available, but I find the layout cumbersome.

    What is your must have App?

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    Easy scorecard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emergenic View Post
    For me it is Flipboard, it is how I get caught up on the latest tech news.

    I believe that Pulse is available, but I find the layout cumbersome.

    What is your must have App?
    I assume those are RSS feed apps? You might want to look at SimpiRSS.

    Anyway, I only have one app that I'm waiting on as a must-have... Chase Mobile Banking, which is due in marketplace any day now.
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  4. AmilM's Avatar

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    Dropbox, TechCrunch
  5. diaspar's Avatar

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    I need flipboard too

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  6. Mafiatounes's Avatar

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    Dropbox, Fliboard, Instagram & Tapatalk. I know many have alternative's but i don't like them as much.

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    Scramble with Friends and Pulse. I have those on my MIC Android tablet, but it will be nice to have them on WP8.

    And yes, I know Pulse exist as a webapp, but I really rather have a dedicated app.
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  9. Daakkon's Avatar

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    instagram (yes fhotoroom is also good but it is not instagram), flipboard (although Fuse serves all my needs), kujiji, metal archives, cross-platform games (hopefully to be fixed in wp8), stumble upon, bump, and im sure im forgetting a bunch more.
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  10. WasteSomeTime's Avatar

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    I need a capitol one banking app. I can't believe major banks don't make apps for WP 7. And yes, I would also like tapatalk. I purchased the express board pro, buts its not the same thing. Its missing the skip to page feature.

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  11. SnailUK's Avatar

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    I missed all the young kids games on iOS. My kids have loads of games on iOS, yet very little on WP.
  12. Simon Tupper's Avatar

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    The official twitter app... the one we have is... disgusting compared to the iOS version...

    But what I really dislike about the apps... is that when a company makes an App, WP never gets it... For exemple... my friend can buy tickets for a movie through his iPhone, Because Cinplex released an app to do it, but once again... WP is not cool enough to get the cool stuff.
  13. diaspar's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnailUK View Post
    I missed all the young kids games on iOS. My kids have loads of games on iOS, yet very little on WP.

    kids have their ipads, the 920 is mine

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  14. AngryNil's Avatar

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    Public transit for Melbourne.
  15. Jaybotics's Avatar

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    Wells Fargo

    I believe thats it,...
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    Berry Buzz - but since I don't have led notification capabilities....

    I'm good.
  17. jdevenberg's Avatar

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    I honestly spent less money when I had that app. It breaks down all your purchases by type, lets you set budgets, gives you alerts about spending, and shows you where you are spending more money than the average consumer. And it does it all automatically when you pit your bank log in in. I've tried other apps on windows phone, but when they don't do it automatically, I just don't use it like I used mint.
  18. brmiller1976's Avatar

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    Citibank, a Spotify app that doesn't suck, and a Skype client that doesn't suck.
  19. mdameron's Avatar

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    Amazon Cloud
    Yahoo Fantasy Football
    March Madness streaming
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  20. 1jaxstate1's Avatar

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    Twitter client that doesn't suck to high heave. [Rowi/Gleek is ok, but sucks when it compared to twitter clients on other platforms]
    Well Fargo
    BBVA banking app
    Capitol One
    Words With Friends
    IMO [universal IM client]

    Not having these apps does not ruin my day. But having them sure would be nice. The Banking apps would really be useful though.
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  21. GSOgymrat's Avatar

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    Barnes & Noble Nook
  22. ncxcstud's Avatar

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  23. sinime's Avatar
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    Communities... board express sucks.

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  24. TMavZR1's Avatar

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    • Ameritrade
    • Speedtest (official)
    • Official Facebook
    • Logmein
    • Life360
  25. amorenod's Avatar

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    Logmein, which is why I'm currently using a Galaxy Nexus. A WP8 version would make me consider getting a 8X.
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