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    Good day to all of you.

    I woud like to ask if this error occurs on your phone.
    my father owns a lumia 710. I installed the facebook app on his phone and had already synced the fb app to his phone and to his windows live id. The people hub works like a charm, i havent encountered anything wrong with it. But the facebook app has problem. Basically, the news feed section has the problem, it does not update. The news feed section says," trouble getting data right now. Please try again later." After 1 week of waiting, still nothing happened.

    One thing that i noticed is that, the notification part of the fb app updates frequently. When i click one of my dad's friend, i can see his/her recent activities. Also, when i change the news feed to "close friends" it magically updates. But only for the close friends category, when i switch back to most recent or other tab it doesnt update again.

    Any suggestion or advice will be gladly appreciated.
    thank you in advance :)
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    Sounds like my last few days with my IOS device. I can't get my Facebook app to update even if I paid it. Honestly, it boils down to the fact that facebook + mobile = fail. They've always had bad mobile apps and still do.

    Sadly my only solutions for facebook related issues was to either uninstall the app or wait it out.
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    I've already re-installed the app.. sadly, still wasnt the solution im looking for... maybe an update is what i really need. Though it'll be months after they release another update. Thanks for the reply. And i hope others who've encountered this situation may help me in this dilemma of mine. :) really wanted my dad to get the most out of his phone.
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    I have the same problem with my Lumia 820. It's a pity because it is a gorgeous app. The m.facebook site has just been upgraded, and I've been using that while hoping for an upgrade to the Windows app that will fix the problem. I think some apps selectively filter out newsfeed items; I have the same problem with Facebook on Tweetdeck.

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