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    With the holidays upon us, a lot of us will be sending or receiving packages, both far and long distances.

    I highly recommend both apps as your app to track packages. to me, I believe that Package Tracker offers a better live tile, even though its resolution is not as sharp as Parcel Tracker. Package's live tile is static in the sense that it doesn't flip. However it display the number of new statuses, packages delivered, and total number of packages, as well as the most recent shipping location update.

    Parcel's live tile consists of the Shipping company and name of package or contents. Furthermore, it will flip to display the shipping information as well as a notification number.

    Both apps feature push notifications and can work in the background. So try out both and tell me what you think is the best.

    Note: I am only tracking 1 package right now
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    Which one syncs with the desktop version?
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    Parcel Tracker updated today and is now Package Tracker (with a space as opposed to the other one with no space). v5 syncs with their Windows 8 app as well.

    Package Tracker | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    It costs a bit more, but it is definitely superior IMO.
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