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    I just got my 8x, first windows phone coming from Android. I used PocketCast for my podcast subscriptions. It was awesome. I find it to be the only thing I find lacking from WP8. Here are the features I think are required for a great podcast app.

    • Queue
    • Automatic download daily(changable) of new podcasts
    • Automatically add downloaded to queue
    • re-arangeable queue
    • variable playback speed (1.5x or 2x)
    • Automatic delete of podcast after completed

    These are things PocketCast could do and I really really miss them on WP. I did finally find BringCast has some of these features but not all. If anyone knows of a better app solution please let me know. Thanks. I'm loving WP, glad I made the switch.
  2. kevynpm's Avatar

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    Podcast support is integrated into the OS, under the Music+Videos hub. It's pretty awesome, at least in the US. I'm not sure if this is supported in other countries. And if you're looking for a good independent Windows Phone podcast... try Glance and Go Radio (shameless plug). You can also listen to that show using the Outsider app from Liquid Daffodil, or at glanceandgoradio.com. Welcome to Windows Phone! :-)
  3. fredmarkle's Avatar

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    The one in Xbox music doesn't seem to have a queue area that the podcast go into. I just keeps them under each podcast subscription and doesn't tell you if you've started to listen to the podcast only if you have finished. If you play music and want to go back to a podcast you don't know what podcast you were listening too. Its an okay podcast solution, but not a good one.
  4. ontapbjt's Avatar

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    I agree that it is not a great podcast solution. It does, however, tell you how many minutes that you have listened to a podcast and how many minutes left once you have started to listen to one. You can see this when scrolling through the podcasts.
  5. kevin2577's Avatar

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    I use Slapdash podcasts myself. It doesn't autodownload in the background but streaming while downloading the rest works for my needs, it also syncs with their Windows 8 app so I get a consistent set of subscriptions and one experience. I highly recommend it.
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    After a week of being a WP8 owner I would now just settle for one that will remember my place in episode It seems to be hit and miss if Podcatcher actually starts from where I left off, this is less likely if I have been listenting to music or watching a video. It really sucks especially seeing as scrubbing is a pain in the rear end on most of these apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevynpm View Post
    Podcast support is integrated into the OS, under the Music+Videos hub. It's pretty awesome, at least in the US.
    I'm in the US and think podcast support via the Music+Videos hub is totally lame. Attempting to manage podcasts, what has been played or not, what order to play them, etc., is totally lacking in ability.
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    So is there a decent 3rd part app? The built in one is fine unless I want to add a podcast that is bit in the Xbox music store. Am I really going to have use a desktop app to download podcasts circa 2009?
  9. Bombfetish's Avatar

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    Wpodder is the best one I have found for me so far. Still a long ways to go until its great, buy it remembers my place (most of the time).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bombfetish View Post
    Wpodder is the best one I have found for me so far. Still a long ways to go until its great, buy it remembers my place (most of the time).
    WPodder for me as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToneZone View Post
    The official app can schedule downloads but it has it's shortcomings and generally updates a day behind
    The delay drives me crazy. I'm still using my iPhone 4 every day just so I can listen to podcasts. I swear my Instacast app updates almost every podcast I subscribe to the very same day that it was broadcast live. And it will check every six hours and notify me of every new episode that's available for download.

    I get no notifications in WP8. By the time I see a little number pop up on the Store tile and discover that an episode is ready, I've already listened to it on my iPhone.

    At some point I'll need to start digging through all of the various podcast apps in WP8 and find the least bad option.
  12. laoha's Avatar

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    Try iCast which has playlist feature.
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    It was written by Msoft employees who work on the phone in their spare time. It should be what was built into the phone....
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