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    Always used AccuWeather on my Galaxy Note so I decided to download it for my Lumia 820. Just compared mine with the girlfriends's on her S3 and they say a different temperature (mine 26, here's 25 and my real feel is 32 and her's 28?) it's also the same for wind/humidity ect, they're different.

    Anybody know why the WP and Android versions have different temps and info? surely they should be the same as it's from the same developer?
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    don't know how AccuWeather works, prefer Weatherbug on my W7.5. I can choose from several specific weather stations at my zip code, maybe you are not using the same station. Or maybe the phones update on different cycles?
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    I just checked my area against the accuweather.com website and the values on the site match the values shown in the WP8 app.

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    Could be different stations where the readings come from...

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