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  1. Mosov's Avatar

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    Is there any chance for a Google+ native app being made for WP? What are the best apps as of now for it?
  2. vedichymn's Avatar

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    Slim to none for an official app, unless Windows Phone marketshare goes crazy in the near future.

    None of the current 3rd party apps seemed particularly good, better off using the mobile web version at the moment.
  3. brmiller1976's Avatar

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    Someone uses Google +?
  4. Mosov's Avatar

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    ah okay, because I had read somewhere that an app was being made by Google, but they removed it then?
  5. AmilM's Avatar

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    No Google+, Google Search app is in Store, but it really sucks. Only app bar and web search.
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  6. glimited's Avatar

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    Yeah, doesn't seem like Google is going to put effort into putting out any of their apps on the WP8 platform. I'd really like a G+ app as well. The iOS app is pretty awesome, especially with it's latest update. I don't particularly use G+ but it's great to read feeds from certain people/companies. But for now, the plain looking website is the only choice.
  7. Mosov's Avatar

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    Sign the petition for google apps!
  9. kurtd's Avatar

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    There are too many social media networks. Personally, I prefer one app that could handle them all such as hootsuite which I used to use on android. Haven't looked for a similar wp8 app yet.
  10. theomodsim's Avatar

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    I released a Google+ client a few weeks ago that provides the ability to see posts in your circles, comment/+1 posts, and also add your own posts. You can also attach a photo and your current location to your posts as well. Since Google has no official Google+ API, the app is somewhat limited in what it can do, but I think it's the only native Metro/Modern-styled app for Google+ available now.

    Feel free to check it out here: gScraper | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
    My apps:
    Share your phone's internet connection with other devices: ConnectionShare
    Google Cloud Printing from your phone: KumoPrint
    Multi-language offline dictionary application: HoshiDict
    Browser with integrated translation and word lookup tools (perfect for language learning): Tap2Trans Browser
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  11. Eng Dev's Avatar

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    Any one have a sample code for share a link on Google + from wp8 application?
  12. sukubo's Avatar

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    Damn... it's no longer in store... any client for google+ ???

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