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    Is there any alternate messaging apps besides the stock one on windows phone 8? I like the stock on just wondering if there are any better alternates anyone enjoys?
  2. jlynnm350z's Avatar

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    No, there is none. This isn't android
  3. spaulagain's Avatar

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    What would you like in an alternative? The native messaging is awesome.

    There are other "chat" apps but not messaging.
  4. angelsimaren's Avatar

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    I use Outsider and WhatsApp. IM+ is pretty cool since you can use many different types of messenger services, like FB and Yahoo.
  5. johnfishcurtis's Avatar

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    I use Kik.

    Runs better than when I had an Android phone.
  6. AmilM's Avatar

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    Default is the best. Windows Phone doesn't need alternative messaging app.
  7. Lady Mck's Avatar

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    I just received a HTC Trophy and need to copy my text messages but was told that I needed to get a third party messaging app. Any suggestions of a good app, ideally to copy from old phone to new one or even to copy from phone to computer? I need to keep my old text messages!

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