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    Pictures, People and Contact tiles are nice, but which 3rd party apps really leverage Live Tiles well? look good?
    Consider if it has good balance of information and aesthetics.

    So far I found Flixster to be the best, it changes it's movie photos and flips often. Definitely among the coolest.
    Bloomberg was good, but seems to no longer update for me though...
    8Tracks is nice, shows last mix-tape. [tbh I really appreciate the dev making an unofficial app]
    Weave has nice enough topic tiles.

    What have you found? What do you pin?
    Please chime in, let's compile a good list for those of us with WP7
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    AppDeals! Their live tiles slay lives. I've downloaded ~$20-30 discounted/promoted for free.
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    Did I post in the wrong forum or is their not much WP7 activity any more?

    Thank you abel, I'll look for it.

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