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    Some say it works and some not. I am confused.
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    If someone calls you with Skype it will show the call even if you aren't in the Skype app. Works just like they show in the videos.
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  3. Techno-Freak's Avatar

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    Even when Skype is not open, I receive push notifications for messages, and alert for calls. So it works well.
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    Works like a charm, only problem is that even when the person stops calling you... your Phone keeps ringing.
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    Mine only works while I have the app open on my 920?
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    If I get a call on Skype my phone doesn't ring. I only get the call when I'm on the app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaulerX View Post
    If I get a call on Skype my phone doesn't ring. I only get the call when I'm on the app.
    Same here. I tried signing in both with Skype username and Microsoft account, nothing changed.
    Moreover toast notifications don't always work fine: I just received a notification about a message sent to me a couple of days ago.
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    My experience varies; it will work great in the background for a couple days, notifying me of calls and messages, then it will stop and no longer work at all for a few days. I really hope they can get this working consistently... the last update helped. Before that I never got toasts or call notifications.

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