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    Does anybody have any news about the Nike+ FuelBand app and if it may come to Windows Phone? I know that Microsoft partnered up with Nike for the Kinect training thing, so I was hoping that would translate into Nike releasing more apps for the Windows Phone platform!
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    Kinda hoping for that of a Fitbit app... but I agree, with Nike and Microsoft partnering with the Kinect, a Windows Phone version shouldn't be a stretch.
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    I hope they do a Fuelband app but I'm wondering how deep Nike are in bed with Apple on their training software it may be some time if ever before we get one.
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    I think that Nike/Apple thing ended, as Nike has already released (a terrible, terrible) version of its Nike+ running app for Android. Not sure if they've also released Nike+ Fuelband for Android, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

    I really like Nike+ on iOS (it even works indoors, running on a treadmill), and would love to see it on WP8.
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    I tweeted them at the end of November and this is the response I got: 'Not at this time, however, we'll be sure to pass your feedback along to the right people.'
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    they still don't have an android app for the FuelBand which is disappointing. I sync mine to my iPod Touch 5 that I'm carrying around with me to fill the app gap. Hate having to carry two devices but I love my 920. If we do get one on WP 8 it will be a long wait.
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    Fuelboard (an unofficial Nike Fuelband app) is now available in the app store to help you get at your Fuelband data on Windows Phone 8.

    fuelboard | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
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    Isnīt Tim Cook on Borad of Directors@Nike??
    I really would love to see an officially App!

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