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    Okay guys, well I'm pretty excited because I need a decent Navigation App for my HTC Windows Phone 8X and Bing Maps aren't cutting it. I was initially using TelNav but I don't like pay extra money if I can get something for free. I am a Retail Sales Associate for T-Mobile USA and of course, we have to stay up to date on things. At my store we have the "Android Guy" which of course I'm called the "Windows Phone Guy". Well I just found out today that Nokia has released their Nokia Drive app to all phone running WP8 regardless of it being made by HTC, Samsung, or Nokia itself. I did download the app on my 8X and it is beautiful. I got rid of TelNav and making Nokia Drive+ Beta my new navigation app. Just wanted to let you guys know.
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    Thanks... for that. Really.
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    You're welcome bud!

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