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    Kik has trouble updating live tiles, whatsapp uses the audio API and the rest don't have much of a following. So does IM+ have any of these or other problems or is it a solid, stable and reliable instant messaging solution?
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    My experiences with IM+ Have been pretty negative, regardless I still use it. It likes to "force" close alot, It has a hard time updating and just really isn't very reliable. Hopefully they will fix it soon. They layout is pretty smooth but it has alot of bugs, Maybe others have had a better experience with it but this is on my Lumia 822
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    I'm guessing your mileage might vary, as I've had no problems in the last few months with it.
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    IM+ has had the occasional inconsistency with updating its live tile, but I think that is partially because I keep my cellular Internet off when I'm not sending of receiving a picture message. It has crashed a lot for me, but it's not a consistent issue, it just crashes maybe once every day or two. It's not Trillian, and I've never tried Kik, but it does its job decently well.

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