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    Im looking for a good radio service like pandora and i dont really like the fake ones that are out, so atm i was going to give slacker and last.fm a try. Slacker seems really nice i find it weird that theres only like 4 reviews for it lol and i tried spotify but you need a premium account apparently if you sign in with facebook its free but i dont want to do all that.

    This thread could be useful for anyone looking for pandora alternatives even if its supposedly coming soon, so if theres any other services you like, feel free to add you 2 cents!
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    If we are talking streaming radio, Beem Plus and Sky.FM are excellent for EDM/lounge music or whatever genre you fancy from Sky.FM. Both totally free.

    If we are talking something like is like Pandora, the only thing that seems decent is Nokia Music, which is -decent- but not great. The song selection is noticably smaller for SOME genres but bigger for others. You can't downvote songs/artists that clearly don't fit the station, etc. On the upside it sounds good, has unlimited skips, and no commercials. Also, I think you need a nokia phone.

    Other than that, I've actually had good success running Pandora straight into the browser - I've noticed I can multitask and everything and it still plays music, not to mention I can control it via the music controls. Somewhat buggy at times doing this (music stopping, needing to go back into browser to "refresh" the stream sometimes, etc) but it works.
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    Slacker is good, has a lot of songs, good variety. Hopefully they come out with they new UI as an app update for WP soon. Nokia Music is solid as well, should give that a try if you have a Lumia. Honestly I find I like and use Slacker over Pandora more and more, Pandora tends to repeat a lot more.
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    You can try Last.fm...unlimited skips
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    beem seams nice and last.fm sounds like it has a small library

    and i dont have a nokia *sighhh
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    I really like I heart radio, but unfortunately it's been pulled from the store for WP8. I am currently using slacker and last.fm. Nokia Music is really nice if you have a Lumia.
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    Graffiti Radio is like paid version of Pandora (unlimited skips, no audio ads, and full lyrics). That might change in the next update of Graffiti Radio. Amazing Music is another great app for searching a specific song to play. Tunein Radio for varieties of radio stations.
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    If you are a Pandora user, MetroRadio is a fantastic 3rd party app. It is better than the official Pandora app ever was on my iPhone 3gs.

    I use Pandora everywhere, so I'd rather use a 3rd party app on my phone than have to come up with a new service that will also work on all of my other devices.
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    I also really like Slacker Radio. Their mixes are good (curated by DJs), and I rarely have to skip songs. I just upgraded from Slacker Radio Plus ($3.99/mo) to Slacker Radio Premium ($9.99/mo). So in addition to no ads, unlimited song skips, downloading stations on mobile, and song lyrics available on Plus, you also get the following features with Premium:
    Play songs on demand
    Play albums on demand
    Play single artist stations
    Create playlists
    Download playlists on mobile

    I also like that Slacker lets you mark songs as favorites, as well as ban songs and artists you don't like. Slacker also automatically creates a station with all the songs you've marked as favorites, which I think is really cool. You can also create you own stations by adding whatever artists you want to the station, and you can edit the stations you created by adding more artists or deleting them.

    Slacker's new desktop interface is very nice and easy to use. I don't believe all the features are available on the current Windows Phone 8 app, but hopefully they will update the app soon. I've heard it's in the works.
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    I really like Aupeo, I've found it gives better recommendations based on my likes and dislikes than Pandora. It has Artist stations as well as genre stations that can be further tuned by mood.

    Lately I've also been trying Nokia Music and I'm impressed.
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    TuneIn Radio

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