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    Is anyone else confused by the lack of updates for Microsofts own weather app? The lack of updates to the weather app is akin to how Microsoft has been putzing around with windows phone 8 in general. I know that sounds over-the-top but seriously they couldn't make an update for HD live tiles to their own weather app? The last update was March of last year. I know there are plenty of other weather apps and I use them but I want to use the MS weather app as well as my other ones
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    They don't need to update theirs; there are plenty of choices for better weather apps in the store and MS is not competing with them. I would rather have that they concentrate their efforts on the OS and some of their bigger apps.
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    get Amazing Weather HD
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    There needs to be a quality app with radar, from what I gather about people's requests.
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    I have weather flow and skymotion, but I like MS's. I just wish it would get an HD update

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