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    I have Chronos calendar synced with my Microsoft calendar so it shows all the events I've already saved there and have access to from anywhere.

    But I noticed the Chronos calendar shows every event off by 2 hours. If an event starts at 11:30 (and shows 11:30 on the windows calendar) it will show as being at 9:30 in the Chronos calendar and this is typical for ball events/appointments.

    I haven't found any way to adjust this in the settings...has anyone else found a way to solve this?

    I realize the developer may not have configures different time zones in the USA but I thought t it shouldn't matter since all the events are being synced with the windows account.
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    Are you pulling you calendar data from Google? I have seen other posts about it syncing times wrong to WP*. I use Chronos and sync with outlook and all my times are correct.
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    Mine are all correct, I sync directly with outlook.com
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    Hmm, I have mine synced with my Live account also...I went to the account settings to verify the timezone and still off by two hours for all appointments after syncing.
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    Sorry for thread hijacking, but does your chronos app access facebook events properly? Mine doesnt and thats why I have to use the built-in app :( Instead of showing the events it says "Private" with "Not accessible due to restrictions in the operating system" in Details field. Can I change this somehow?

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