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    I have been a long time Android user and the Nokia 928 is finally a WPhone on Verizon I am interested in. However, I am a Nook user and have a lot of books purchased for the Nook. I see there is no official Nook app on WPhone. Are there any other Nook users out there? Are there alternative apps out there I can read my books on WPhone?
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    Afaik there's nothing stopping you from putting the eBooks on your phone manually and reading with an eBook reader.
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    I believe the Nook uses the epub format for its books, if so then there are several readers available. I use Freda for epub books.
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    I assume if the books have DRM you would need an actual Nook reader app.
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    Does Nook have a web browser client? I think that would be your only option for now.

    There are vague rumors of Nook coming to WP8, but I haven't seen anything concrete and that may be a good ways in the future even if true.
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    Good point about the web browser client. they do have a web app. I will have to test it out and see how it works. Thanks!

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