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    I'm trying to find a good note taking app for classes where I can draw (not type) the notes. It will be for engineering courses so I need to draw the equations out not type.

    I can't find any apps with the draw option for a phone (NOT tablet).

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    You could try using something like this: Sketch Board | Appar+spel i Windows Phone Store (Sverige) and then add the picture to for example OneNote
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    anyone have an easier option? sketch board is clunky
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    Inknotez is a free option...and it is spelled that way 😉 There are a handful of paid options, too. Try searching for "handwrite notes" in the Store....HTH
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    I know you said phone, but I highly recommend OneNote on a Surface Pro. You get a larger screen and OneNote syncs with your phone via SkyDrive. Just a thought.

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    My solution would be to just buy an iPaq PDA on eBay or Amazon. You scribble away and save to SkyDrive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatclue_98 View Post
    My solution would be to just buy an iPaq PDA on eBay or Amazon. You scribble away and save to SkyDrive.
    how would that work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xandros9 View Post
    how would that work?
    Use the OneNote on Office Mobile or the Notes app. He wants to be able to write free-hand notes. Unless he gets a Galaxy Note or a LG Lucid, there's no phone that uses a stylus with a capacitive screen. Not everybody wants one of those phablets for everyday use so I suggested he get a used PDA.

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