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    Well Windows Phone 7 marketplace already hit 30,000 apps milestone, still lower than other OS but it slowly growing and it have excellent games to spend time with phone! Here I picked 10 games which you should enjoy on your Windows Phone 7 smartphones:

    Windows Phone 7 Games For Your WP7 Smartphone
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    And not an Angry Bird in sight. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWeeBear View Post
    And not an Angry Bird in sight. :)
    Flings one into the thread...
    Insults about your mother.

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    No Twin Blades? Even though it's not working with Mango, it's pretty awesome.
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    I ready to get my 7 pro 16gb

    sent from my desire
    You have to love windows phone 7 with some mango!!!
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    well does are for sure cool games but FAAAR from being the TOP games.

    my list:

    1.The Harvest
    2.Arcane TD
    3.Sonic 4
    6.IonBall EX
    7.Fable: Coin Golf
    8.Hydrop thunder GO
    9. Armor Valley ( great DOTAS map if you ever played WC3 or SC2 , hard tog et use to controls but ocne ou do!! )
    10. I dig it!

    no direct order but thats my fav at the moment ( tends to change every other week lol )
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  7. Apoc's Avatar

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    I would like to add:
    Words By Post(very fun & addictive)
    Chess By Post
    Angry Birds
    Armored Drive
    Big Guns Tower Defense
    Slice And Throw
    Will try some of the games mentioned in this thread. I'll admit, not really a big gamer on phones, so take it with a grain of salt.
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    All these lists need Wordament.
  9. Apoc's Avatar

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    Wordament is fun too, still trying to get used to it
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    not to complain that list is pretty goddamn old as if you read the write up for pandas vs ninjas they are talking about how angry birds hasn't even been released yet. So quite a few months where newer titles came out *some of the best 2*
  11. Mulupuru's Avatar

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    This is not yet another word game. Try "You, Me and Words". You will be surprised how addictive, fun and learning this word game is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1jaxstate1 View Post
    No Twin Blades? Even though it's not working with Mango, it's pretty awesome.
    If I had a dollar for every time you said Twin Blades, I think I'd be able to buy a couple of new release Xbox 360 games.
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    My favourite games at the moment are Harbour Master, geoDefense, and Tentacles.
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  14. karios's Avatar

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    I love Tentacles:) Awesome work. And of course, my own game MonsterUp comes to mind:)
  15. cirrus982's Avatar

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    Wordament is pretty clever and I love Rise (the tiny wings clone).
  16. kylej1050's Avatar

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    I like Burn the Rope. lol I don't know why either. It looked soooo stupid when I read about it but it's fun. One of the only games that by the end of the demo i wanna buy it and play more.
  17. Lord Panos's Avatar

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    My list:

    1. 7cave
    2. PvZ
    3. Legends of Descent
    4. Tentackles
    5. Broken Wind plus
    6. Bobble Biker
    7. Paper Dash
    8. Praetor
    9. Wordament
    10. Chess/Words by Post
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    Doodlepool is a cool game
    IPhone 5s/Surface 2 RT owner here...
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    No takers on Puzzle Quest 2? I thought was an ingenius remake of the original line same same up concept.
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