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    Reading the wpcentral interview with Ken Balough from Sega, and how he mentioned if people wanted Sonic 1 and 2 to be ported to WP7, they would look into it, I thought of Super Monkey Ball 2, one of my favourite iphone games, which is far superior to the original one. I would love to have this on my Titan. Is there any way we can request games like this to be ported?
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    I think Super Monkey Ball 2 is decently likely to come to WP7 eventually. It's a shame they didn't just skip straight to 2 to begin with since part 1 is so bad...

    As far as letting SEGA know what you want, Twitter messages and comments via their blog are about the best you can do. Any big company like that doesn't care much about individual people's opinions, just big numbers, so you'd have to hope that many other people are asking for the same thing. But like I said, they'll probably just release SMB2 eventually anyway, so no worries.

    Now Chu Chu Rocket, there's a game they should bring to WP7! Not till multiplayer is fully allowed though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Acevedo View Post
    Now Chu Chu Rocket, there's a game they should bring to WP7! Not till multiplayer is fully allowed though,
    If this gets ported to WP I will go apesh*t, I <3 that game.
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    It probable will come they are concentrating right now on brining sonic cd out to the mobile platforms after that I hope to see some more sega titles (shining forces series would be my dream game).

    as sega seems to be making some money off there xbla titles

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